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Discover what makes Lester’s Deli a beloved institution through various media insights, celebrating its rich history, cultural significance, and the unique charm that keeps patrons coming back.

Why Lester’s Deli is So Montreal

"Ian Harrison explores Lester's Deli's unique appeal in Montreal, highlighting its ability to unite diverse clientele, including political figures, through its beloved smoked meat. The..."

Best Smoked Meat in Montreal: Best of MTL

"Cult MTL presents the top five smoked meat spots in Montreal as voted in their Best of MTL readers poll, with Schwartz’s Deli leading the..."

Montreal’s iconic smoked meat eatery Lester’s Deli has been sold

"Laura Osborne discusses Lester's Deli's sale, a cherished Montreal establishment, to chef Kevin Fung, who intends to expand it. Despite changes, the deli's essence and..."

Brownstein: Lester’s Deli has been sold, but don’t panic

"The Montreal Gazette reveals Lester's Deli's acquisition by Kevin Fung, aiming to internationalize the brand. The article details the transition, reflecting on the deli's past..."

Lester’s Deli to change hands…

"CTV News Montreal reports that Lester's Deli in Montreal is transitioning to new ownership, with plans to take the renowned eatery global. The incoming owner,..."

A taste of Montreal’s Jewish culinary sites

"Sandy Bornstein embarks on a culinary tour, unveiling the flavors and history of Montreal's Jewish food scene. The narrative weaves through landmarks like Lester's Deli..."